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September 6, 2023

Havenpark Communities Awards Academic Scholarships to Three Montana Residents

OREM, Utah, Sept. 6, 2023 – Havenpark Communities, an operator and developer of manufactured home communities in Montana and across the country, awarded scholarships to three of its residents in Billings. The scholarships, worth up to $10,000 annually, are part of Havenpark’s Annual Scholarship Fund for residents. In 2023, 38 residents from across the country were awarded scholarships to cover expenses for college, universities, trade, and vocational schools.

“I experienced the transformative power of education first-hand,” said J. Anthony Antonelli, chairman and co-founder of Havenpark Communities. “We’re honored to be able to support our residents’ aims and ambitions.”

Local Havenpark Scholarship recipients Paige Dahl, Mykala Davis, and Callie Halvorson are pursuing their undergraduate degrees in Montana.

Paige Dahl and Callie Halvorson joined the Class of 2026 at Rocky Mountain College and Montana State University Billings, respectively. Mykala Davis also attends Montana State University Billings and plans to graduate in 2025.

Havenpark has pledged at least $500,000annually to its Education Success Program, which includes scholarships, mentoring, and other initiatives to increase education access and opportunity for residents. Since the scholarship program’s inception in 2021, Havenpark has awarded academic scholarships to 59 residents from its communities across the country.

Beyond the scholarship, the Education Success Program guides current and prospective students through the application, financial aid, and course selection process.

“We wish our Montana Education Success Program students a great school year,” said Jason Hale, Havenpark’s director of education success, who works closely with students as they navigate their college career.

Havenpark is committed to enriching the lives of its residents; to learn more about the scholarship program or eligibility, visit Havenpark’s website: https://havenparkcommunities.com/education/


About Havenpark

Havenpark Communities is an operator and developer of manufactured home communities and makes caring communities attainable for responsible residents in Montana and across America. Since 2017, Havenpark has sourced and installed over 4,000 new factory-built homes, providing quality, affordable living to over 10,000 Americans across the country. Last year, Havenpark Communities added 870 new affordable homes across the country and has committed to adding another 800 in 2023. Havenpark believes in respectful and professional management, well-maintained communities, and attainable homeownership. Havenpark makes long-term investments in its communities, providing enduring value for current and future residents.

2023 Havenpark Montana Scholarship Winners Paige Dahl, Mykala Davis, and Callie Halvorson