Havenpark Communities

Our Mission

To make caring communities attainable for responsible residents across America.


When residents feel cared for and see that same care put into their community, it creates a greater sense of pride. Our staff are hand selected to assist our residents. Our residents are able to enjoy their community and feel cared for by our staff. That mutual connection provides caring ties to unify our communities.


Belonging to a caring community means more than just living in a shared space. It means buying into a vision that fosters feelings of mutual respect and friendship. With 5-star amenities, beautiful landscaping, and modern homes, we provide communities that residents are proud to call home.


Our residents want to enjoy the kind of privacy and space that our communities afford them. With our home quality and pricing, other housing alternatives don't compare. We operate the most desirable communities in the market to serve our residents with the greatest homes, for the best prices.

Responsible Residents

We have a respectful and professional relationship with our residents. In return, our residents reciprocate that feeling. Our residents can rely on their community, their neighbors, and community staff to uphold the value of respect and responsibility.

Across America

With dozens of community locations in multiple states, Havenpark's impact is making a difference throughout the country. We are raising the bar for our residents, our communities, and the standard for attainable living throughout America.