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Suppliers FAQ / Help


We understand there is a learning curve involved when processes change.  Please utilize resources in Coupa’s support page (https://supplier.coupa.com/help/) and the below list of FAQs to help you navigate the portal.  If you are having trouble that extends beyond these FAQs, please submit a ticket in the form at the bottom.


I lost the link to the Coupa Supplier Portal, can you provide that?


I never received an invite to the CSP, or the wrong person at my company received an invitation, what do I do?

If no one received an invitation, please check your spam/junk folder first.  If there’s no email from Coupa, please submit a ticket in the form below and include the name of the Havenpark employee you’ve done business with so we can initiate an invitation.  If the wrong person at your company received the invite, that person can click “Join and Respond” on the email they received, then select “Forward this to someone” or they can login using the invitation and add you as an additional user (if you both will need access).

I know I already have a login to the Coupa Supplier Portal – do I need to create a new one just to do business with Havenpark?

No!  You can login to your existing account and request a link to Havenpark’s account by going to setup>customer setup and search for Havenpark.  If we requested to link with your existing profile, you can accept this under setup>connection requests.

My company might already have a login to the Coupa Supplier Portal but I’m not sure.  How can I find out?

Visit the CSP login page and create a login.  Once you set a password, you’ll be brought to a “Join an Existing Account?”  page where you can plug in your company’s details.  Coupa will match your Tax ID and let you know if your company already has a login that you can link to.

If you know you have multiple company profiles for the same organization in the CSP, you can merge them on the home page.

I logged into Coupa Supplier Portal and created a company profile, but I need more people at my company to have access so they can post invoices and review purchase orders.  How can they login?

Navigate to your setup>admin page and “invite” users from there.

My company’s bank account information changed since we were onboarded.  How do I communicate this to my customers?

Under setup/admin/legal entities select actions>add remit to.  Be sure to deactivate your old remit-to so we do not process payments to a closed or incorrect account.  

Your updated bank information will be rejected if you do not attach a banking document with bank letterhead or a voided check to prove the account update.


For any inquires not covered above, or if you need to communicate information to our Accounts Payable team about changes to your organization that will impact our payment process, please fill out this form and we will reply within one business day.