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October 12, 2023

Q&A with Monserrat Rendon, Havenpark Resident and 2022 Scholarship Recipient

We connected with Havenpark Resident and 2022 scholarship recipient Monserrat Rendon who is pursuing her passion as an elementary school teacher after graduating from the University of Nebraska – Lincoln. Read our Q&A with Monserrat below to learn more about what captured her interest in teaching, as well as the role the Education Success Program played in her navigation through college.

Q: When did your passion for elementary education begin?

Monserrat Rendon: My passion for elementary education began my first year of college. I applied for work-study with America Reads and was assigned a school to go to and help classroom teachers with their students. I remember how excited I was to go every single day and I just loved the relationships that the teacher had created with her students, it made me realize how much I also love forming connections with students and seeing them thrive. Looking back, I remember how much I loved school when I was younger and how much I liked playing school with my younger brother, it just all makes sense now!

Q: In what ways has Havenpark’s Education Success Program helped you achieve your dream of being an elementary school teacher?

Monserrat Rendon: The Havenpark Education Success Program helped me achieve my dream of being an elementary school teacher in so many ways. Not only did it relieve high stress due to the cost of attending the university, but it also relieved emotional stress. With my mentor, I was able to speak freely about the things that I was feeling and experiencing. I always knew that my mentor would listen to what I had to say and had great advice and tips which I wouldn’t have had if it wasn’t for this program!

Q: What would you say to prospective residents considering applying for the Education Success Program?

Monserrat Rendon: To prospective residents considering applying for the Education Success Program I would say, do it. It is probably one, if not the best, program that I applied for throughout my entire four years in college. There are so many benefits that come from it and it’s definitely a program that I will forever be thankful for. 

For more information about Havenpark’s Education Success Program, visit us at www.havenparkcommunities.com/education