Havenpark Communities

March 3, 2022

Havenpark Communities Celebrates Inaugural Annual Scholarship Fund Recipients

The Manufactured Housing Operator Pledges $500,000 Toward Annual Scholarship and Education Fund for Residents of Havenpark Communities

OREM, Utah (March 3, 2022) – Havenpark Communities, an operator and developer of manufactured home communities, is proud to celebrate two of its residents who are thriving in college after receiving the company’s inaugural annual scholarship fund award last year.  With financial support from Havenpark, Matthew Munoz, a resident of Wellington Green in Indiana and Catherine Laverty, a resident of Westwood Estates in Ohio, are both excelling in their second semester of college classes this year. Matthew attends the University of Louisville where he is studying marketing, and Catherine attends Lorain County Community College where she is studying early childhood education.

In 2022, and thereafter, Havenpark will expand the program, pledging at least $500,000 annually to support the scholarships and other education initiatives on a recurring basis. This unique program is an opportunity for Havenpark Community residents to receive competitive financial awards of up to $10,000 per year that can be used towards postsecondary educational expenses for colleges, universities, trade, and vocational schools.

“Havenpark’s mission is to create caring communities and this scholarship program is one of the signature ways that we are delivering on that mission for our residents,” says J. Anthony Antonelli, Chairman and Co-Founder of Havenpark Communities.  “I grew up in a mobile home park and faced several educational barriers during my own childhood.  I know, firsthand, the importance of postsecondary education as a means to improve opportunities and quality of life.”

The financial support is making a meaningful difference in the lives of our two scholarship recipients. Catherine had always planned to attend college, though she is now able to focus on her studies and less on finances as a result of the scholarship. “I don’t have to work long hours to get money to pay for school,” Catherine said.

Matthew said he learned of the scholarship from the manager of his Havenpark community in southern Indiana after he had already been accepted to college and was figuring out how to pay its costs.  He said it has made a huge impact, particularly with the high costs of food and books, in addition to tuition. “It could be the difference between someone going to college or not,” he said, adding that he would recommend others apply for Havenpark’s annual scholarship.

“We are extremely proud and excited for Matt and Catherine,” said Dr. Jason Hale, Havenpark’s Director of Education Success. “They will also be part of our new mentoring program which will aid them in their success and provide more structured support throughout their academic journey.”

Hale keeps in regular contact with both recipients through calls and texts and hopes to see that network of Havenpark scholars continue to grow as more residents become aware of the opportunity.

The program will greatly expand in 2022.  Havenpark received many promising applicants for this year’s awards and scholarship winners are expected to be announced later this month. In order to be eligible, applicants must be residents of a Havenpark Community, or have parents who are residents.

The scholarship program is just the beginning of the work Havenpark will do to advance educational success for its residents.  Hale and his team intend to create additional academic support and college access programs across Havenpark’s communities in the coming months.  

For more information on the Havenpark scholarship program please visit the education page of Havenpark’s website: https://havenparkcommunities.com/education/


Havenpark Communities is an operator and developer of manufactured home communities and makes caring communities attainable for responsible residents across America.  Havenpark Communities believes in respectful and professional management, well-maintained communities, and attainable homeownership.  Havenpark Communities makes long-term investments in its communities, providing enduring value for current and future residents.