Havenpark Communities

February 24, 2022

Havenpark Communities Commits to Adding 1,000 New Affordable Homes, Developing 300 New Home Sites in 2022

OREM, Utah, Feb. 24, 2022  — Havenpark Communities, an operator and developer of manufactured home communities, announced it will add more than 1,000 affordable housing units across its community portfolio throughout 2022.  Havenpark, which added more than 500 new affordable homes to its communities last year, is taking meaningful action to help solve America’s affordable housing crisis.

The total monthly housing cost of a brand-new home in a Havenpark community is about 30 percent less than either renting or buying a similar sized conventional home or condo.  Manufactured home communities across America have been approaching full capacity, creating the challenge of adequate home sites to accommodate the growing demand for affordable housing. 

Havenpark Communities has already broken ground to develop more than 300 new home sites across four existing communities in Iowa, Minnesota, Ohio and Texas during 2022.  These new home sites will add to the affordable housing stock and will be ready to accept delivery of homes starting in late 2022. 

“As we have seen over the past several years, properly maintained manufactured homes in well-managed and favorably located communities can absolutely increase in value over time, making our homes an incredible solution for those seeking affordability while tapping the benefits of homeownership,” said Havenpark Communities CEO and Co-Founder Robbie Pratt.

Today’s manufactured homes are recognized for their outstanding features, design, and durability.  “If you haven’t walked a modern manufactured home lately, you’re in for a pleasant surprise.  We strongly believe that manufactured homes play a big part of how we solve the affordable housing crisis in our country,” said Havenpark Communities Chairman and Co-Founder J. Anthony Antonelli. 

Havenpark has relied on strong industry relationships to keep the supply of new homes flowing despite pandemic-related supply chain issues.  “We partner with the largest manufactured home builders in the United States to deliver high-quality and exclusive floorplans that are designed to delight our customers,” said Ramie Rajabi, President of Havenpark Communities.  “Our new homes are built to last approximately 40-50 years, and at a price point that fits most peoples’ budget.  This arrangement allows us to pass on tremendous value and savings to our residents.” 


Havenpark Communities is an operator and developer of manufactured home communities and makes caring communities attainable for responsible residents across America.  Havenpark Communities believes in respectful and professional management, well-maintained communities, and attainable homeownership.